Based on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

WorkinWith AX for Pharma 365 Integrator to Support Pharmaceutical Industries


Jointly with AX for Pharma, powered by To-Increase, we offer comprehensive support to companies operating in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.

These industries face ongoing challenges, ranging from streamlining their supply chains to accelerating time to market, while adhering to increasingly complex compliance regulations.

AX for Pharma accelerators provide the competitive advantage needed to meet these requirements.

AX for Pharma offers integrated supply chain management solutions that allow you to visualize and monitor every step of your supply chain cycle from a unified platform.

This ensures flexibility by consolidating your data, eliminating the need for separate ERP, LIMS, and MES products.

AX for Pharma allows your team to focus on improving day-to-day operations, rather than struggling with complex IT configurations.

With AX for Pharma, you get real-time visibility into individual products, allowing you to quickly identify issues and make data-driven improvements.

Functions and Highlights at a glance

360° vision

Have full control over your supply chains by seamlessly tracking every unit across all locations.

Seamless communication

Our pre-configured solution is out-of-the-box and integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365.

A guarantee of quality

Ensure product quality, safety, and accuracy.

Complies with current standards

Fully compliant 21 CFR Part 11 e-signature features.

Meets the latest requirements

Full compliance with highly regulated GAMP standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Seamless communication

Our pre-configured solution is is ready for use and integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365.

Full Integration

Get full integration with AXP365 AQM, AXP365 AWM™™ and AXP365 W&D™.

What can you do with AX for Pharma 365™?
AXP365 Pharma Supply Chain Management™
AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management™
AXP365 Manufacturing Execution System™
AXP365 Enterprise Asset Management™
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