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ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform developed to automate workflows and business processes based on ITIL principles. This solution is highly customizable and makes it easier for your teams to work on a daily basis.

As specialists in multiple sectors of activity, we support you on the ServiceNow Solution, representing a real opportunity for your organization to go further in its digital transformation.

Our ServiceNow experts work with you to understand your business, your daily life and create solutions that are as close as possible to your needs.

Our areas of expertise

Discover how WorkinWith's experts work with your teams to develop business solutions that enable efficient, intelligent, flexible and sustainable digital transformation.

What does ServiceNow do for your organization?

In an ever-changing market, disruptions are constantly occurring, creating considerable challenges for businesses.
Organizations are constantly looking for ways to drive growth and reduce costs while managing risk.

Teams are now victims of digital multiplication: they have a wealth of data spread across multiple systems and vendors, making it difficult to connect, orchestrate, and structure that data to create processes and drive effective results.
This complex situation leads to a number of operational and technological challenges that slow down business growth, create risks, compromise the customer experience, and thus hinder the agility of the entire company, regardless of its size or industry.

Adopting ServiceNow means enabling your business to reduce costs and drive growth. 

ServiceNow is not only a system of record, but also a system of actions, a platform that leverages companies' existing data and systems, avoiding the need to delete or replace them.

ServiceNow provides intuitive interfaces that empower employees and customers, orchestrating and automating tasks and processes across organizations to boost efficiency while driving optimization.

ServiceNow offers customizable, low-code tools that help businesses quickly scale and adapt to today's constant technological changes.

In addition, WorkinWith's ServiceNow Experts will guide you through this smart solution to help you optimize its use.

Beyond a Platform, our ServiceNow Experts advise and guide you to be as close as possible to your business needs.


Katja Thévenot


A ServiceNow expert, Katja works not only with large organizations in multicultural environments, but also with small local businesses, allowing her clients to benefit from her comprehensive view of processes in businesses.

For more than 15 years, she has advised companies on the implementation, optimization and expansion of the ServiceNow platform, as well as enterprises on version upgrades to get the most out of their investment.

His expertise, and that of his team, is a real opportunity to improve/update your current ServiceNow implementations, or to support you during the implementation of this solution in your company.

All Solutions under a single Cloud Platform

The ServiceNow platform is suitable for any business and offers unparalleled opportunities to improve and consolidate repetitive tasks, for example. 

This platform connects people and data for productivity and innovation at the heart of their challenges. 

Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution offers many advantages as it allows for integration and constant evolution of the platform. It reduces workload by automating common tasks as well as lowers MTTR (the average time it takes to finalize a request, thanks to questions and answers and summarizing requests in the system).

It also transforms customer experiences. Self-service grows through more specific and relevant search results. 

Reduces manual work through code and knowledge generation. Accelerates your agility through recommended actions.

ServiceNow Solutions to Accelerate Your Business

Unleash productivity and digitize your Workflows with ServiceNow

The Solutions offered by WorkinWith's ServiceNow experts?
Customer Services Management (CSM)

Discover the CSM solution

Customers can connect customer service to every corner of the business to solve complex end-to-end issues, intelligently resolve issues before customers know they have them, and take action to respond instantly to common inquiries.

Governance, Risk, Compliance

Discover Governance, Risk Compliance

Management Empower your business to make informed risk decisions that are integrated into the day-to-day work. Connect business, security, and IT with CRM. Manage risk and resilience in real-time.

Financial Service Operations (FSO)

Discover the FSO solution

(FSO) Delivers a faster, more cost-effective approach to transformation by connecting financial institutions' business processes, front-to-back, on a single system. It impacts the customer and employee experience, leading to increased efficiency and improved resiliency and profitability.

Legal Service Delivery

 Discover the Legal Service Delivery solution 

Deliver legal services that keep pace with the speed of your business.

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

Discover the SPM solution 

(SPM) Enables planners and managers to select, prioritize, and schedule the right work, on an ongoing basis, in the context of defined strategy and resource, financial, and time constraints. They can contain any type of work, i.e., Agile (Scrum), Scaled Agile Framework, traditional waterfall, or a hybrid mix. SPM provides global visibility into all work and progress

 Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD)

Discover the solution (HRSD)

(HRSD) Provides guidance in the integrated suite of applications designed to create a consumer-like service experience while increasing HR productivity. Whether it's a simple request for information or a multi-service process like onboarding, employees finally have one place for all their service needs.

Field Service Management (FSM)

Discover the FSM solution

(FSM) Helps businesses manage location-based work tasks efficiently. Customers can use online appointment booking to select the date and time that works best for them.

Dynamic scheduling optimizes the assignment process, based on the technician's skills, travel time, priority, and available time. Visual dispatch further allows dispatchers to easily change work assignments using drag-and-drop functionality.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Discover the ITSM solution

(ITSM) Consolidates fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating service management processes.

ServiceNow ITSM consolidates your customers' IT tools into a single data model to transform the service experience, automate workflows, gain real-time visibility, and improve IT productivity.

IT Operation Management

Discover the ITOM  solution 

Gain visibility into your IT environment, on-premises to cloud and see the impact of your applications on business services. Predict issues and automate resolutions. Plan, track and secure your cloud implementation through best-practice governance.

ServiceNow experts by WorkinWith

WorkinWith's ServiceNow team helps ensure solutions are optimized and implementations are completed on time and within your timelines.

Our Team operates throughout Europe to optimize your existing solution or implement ServiceNow alongside your teams.

Employee Experience

Your employees benefit from a personalized and secure platform so that they can access all the information, tools and support they need from anywhere (traveling, at home) with different means (mobile phone, tablet, etc.), reducing access complexity while improving productivity. 
Empower your employees to work flexibly and efficiently.

Customer Experience

The AI innovations developed by ServiceNow will drive customer self-service by reducing the number of tickets and response times.
In this way, you create experiences that build customer loyalty, empower your employees to work efficiently, and naturally improve your bottom line. 

Operational Efficiency

Produce seamless, reliable, and efficient processes covering all aspects of the workday.
Deliver real cost, rapid efficiency, and resiliency while staying ahead of the curve with ServiceNow.

Financial & Supply Chain Management

Standardize manual processes, oversee and manage supplier collaboration,...

IT Excellence

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automation. You'll be able to leverage secure and resilient technology services that neutralize threats and make your business stand out.

With a holistic and strategic view of technology, you will be able to increase its speed and agility while driving growth and innovation. 

Eliminate your technical debt so you can innovate while keeping costs under control.

Low-Code and Automation

Automate workflows and modernize processes already in place with low-code/no-code development options. 
This will allow you to deploy applications quickly while improving efficiency at all levels of your organization.

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