Law Firms Secure and Facilitate Everyday Life with ServiceNow

ServiceNow supports Law Firms by supporting them in their everyday life

ServiceNow solutions make the day-to-day life of your employees and customers less complex by enabling everyone to collaborate effectively.
Data from all your firms' systems, as well as your clients', is unified and presented via an intuitive and intelligent user interface that is easy to learn and use, and that adapts to the needs of your team without the need to replace your existing systems! 

More importantly, your clients also reap a multitude of benefits with easier interactions and more accurate follow-up of their files.

ServiceNow pour les cabinets d'Avocats
Streamlining collaboration in your practice is the guarantee of good management of your client files. The sharing of data, its transparency and the interoperability that ServiceNow Solutions offer, significantly improve your customers' satisfaction and therefore their loyalty!

ServiceNow: solutions for your law firm

Satisfaction is the key to retaining law firm clients.
Beyond your employees, who are your assets, it is a question of providing precise information and meticulous monitoring of the many files you manage. 


The NowPlatform allows you to set up solutions that make information accessible in the blink of an eye, automate operations, guarantee processes but also the traceability of your files to lighten the load on your employees, who will be able to spend more time advising and reassuring your customers.

ServiceNow experts understand your business and your needs

Our experts analyze the functioning of your practice and the tools already mastered by your employees, to offer you ServiceNow solutions that optimize the work of your entire team.

They create consistent processes and systems that improve your customers' experience and make it easier to collaborate on the same file. 

Facilitate communication with Clients

Your customers need to get information from your employees on a regular basis, and vice versa, the global view offered by ServiceNow facilitates the exchange of information and allows an accurate view of the progress of cases.

Make your team more efficient

Increase your team's efficiency by replacing email-related tasks with automated workflows.
ServiceNow makes it easy to work on multiple requests and legal questions simultaneously with an optimized advice center.

Reduce the workload of your employees

ServiceNow offers, among other things, a self-service portal that automates answers to common legal questions through virtual agents, which is a real time-saver for your entire team.

Anticipate your customers' demands

Anticipate your clients' demands for legal services and drive continuous improvement with real-time reports and dashboards produced by ServiceNow Solutions.

True cohesion to go faster

Siloed approaches lead to delays, but also to inaccuracies that are often the result of your employees' frustrations.

The NowPlatform combines with your existing systems, taking into account your processes and ways of working, allowing you to have a global vision in order to take action on the front, middle and back office.
Your employees will have a clear and complete view of all the data they need, as well as the actions in progress.

Our experts also help you intelligently automate manual operations by considering your business processes so that any issues are addressed, tracked and resolved as quickly as possible, ensuring complete transparency.