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IT technologies are numerous and evolving at such a rapid speed that it's nearly impossible for any service company to keep up.

At WorkinWith we don't dilute our strengths or skills, we focus on one solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft's suite of ERP and CRM business management applications.

But which Microsoft ERP are we talking about under this name?

Indeed Microsoft publishes two main ERPs under the brand Dynamics 365 :

Our customers choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 :

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive suite of apps that covers all aspects of modern business management and all business processes, whether simple or complex. It is enriched by the Power Platform - the low-code development platform - which facilitates its extension and by the complementary solutions developed by the powerful ecosystem of Microsoft partners (Microsoft AppSource - destination for business apps). 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is ideal for mid-sized and multinational companies. Thanks to its centralized architecture in the cloud, it allows for standardization of processes worldwide while still allowing for a certain degree of local autonomy.

Enabling specific functionalities related to local laws and regulations of more than 43 countries (localizations) included as standard enables rapid international deployment. Accounting consolidation, inter-company transactions, and cross-company reporting are examples that make it attractive to multinationals.

User adoption is a key factor in the success of a new ERP or CRM implementation. Microsoft has always taken great care to provide a user interface similar to that of Microsoft Office tools that is already well known and appreciated by users, available in a web browser, in Teams or via mobile applications.

The native integrations between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft Azure and Office cloud services provide a recognized added value that remains unmatched by the competition.

The Power Platform tools further enhance this superiority and allow you to customize the solution to make it even more productive and user-friendly.

The publisher of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft, the largest software company in the world.
The durability of the solution is guaranteed.

Microsoft is a leader in all IT domains; business applications have benefited instantly from recent major technological evolutions, for example, web user interface, cloud architecture, and lately Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, bots and mixed virtual reality.
The recent announcement of the integration of the ChatGPT conversational agent (and other OpenAI services) in several Microsoft cloud services (Bing Search, Office, ...) is another illustration.
The customer is assured that its solution will follow the future technological evolutions.


Microsoft has one of the largest data center networks in the world that provides customers with high-performance, secure, and locally compliant accessibility.

In these times of cyber-attacks and ransomware, businesses need the best security possible. Microsoft is also a leader in cyber security, compliance and privacy. All these solutions are compliant with international standards, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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In summary, according to WorkinWith, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is by far the best business application solution for mid-sized global companies.

This is true but not only! For start-ups that have already reached a certain level of maturity in their life cycle and are preparing for an IPO, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the ideal cloud solution that allows them to set up a robust infrastructure adapted to ultra-fast growth both in volume and geographically. Moreover, having an internationally recognized and market leading management solution reassures investors.   The WorkinWith consulting team has successfully implemented several projects with this category of customers.
Microsoft Dynamics 365


With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you start with what you need in terms of tools and features.

As tasks, additional users, and new roles are added, Microsoft Dynamics 365 grows with your needs.

With cloud-based solutions, IT infrastructure requirements are simply scaled.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Business Applications

Easy to understand, easier to implement

D365 is easy to understand and learn thanks to an intuitive interface and its proximity to the Microsoft Office package.
Of particular interest is the role-based workspace, which allows for data entry and retrieval and is also used to display analyses.

What can you do with Microsoft Dynamics 365?
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An experienced implementation partner is important for an ERP project because it helps ensure that the project is completed successfully and on time.

Here are some reasons why an experienced implementation partner is important:

Combined with an experienced project partner like WorkinWith, this translates into a shorter implementation time with greater value to the user company.

Knowledge of best practices:

An experienced implementation partner will be familiar with best practices and industry standards for implementing an ERP system, which helps ensure that the project is completed effectively and efficiently.

Understanding the ERP system:

An experienced implementation partner will have a thorough understanding of the ERP system being used, including its capabilities and limitations. This helps identify potential problems and develop solutions to address them.

Ability to customize the ERP system:

An experienced implementation partner will be able to customize the ERP system to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Technical expertise:

An experienced implementation partner will have the technical expertise to handle any technical issues that may arise during the implementation process.

Project Management:

An experienced implementation partner is able to effectively manage the project, including setting timelines, communicating with stakeholders, and tracking progress.

Post-implementation assistance:

An experienced implementation partner provides ongoing support after the implementation process is complete, which helps ensure that the system is running smoothly.
Overall, an experienced implementation partner helps ensure that an ERP project is completed on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.