ServiceNow Solutions for Service Organizations

ServiceNow helps Service organizations optimize costs

To be more agile while diversifying the offer, service companies must maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in order to remain competitive and efficient in their market.

Faced with increasing competition, these organizations are forced to evolve their processes to meet the requirements and new needs of their customers.

Team leaders have to adjust hours on a daily basis, create additional last-minute assignments to meet customer expectations, and meet SLAs.

In this context, the agility that companies must demonstrate exposes them to complications that can quickly generate costs if the situation is not controlled.

The global vision offered by ServiceNow decomplexifies the daily life of your teams and is a real ally for your managers. 

All the data from all your systems can be unified and presented via an intuitive and intelligent user interface that is easy to learn and use, and that adapts to your needs without the need to replace your existing systems! 

ServiceNow Solutions offer a multitude of tools to reduce costs, automate recurring operations, and make it easier for everyone in your organization to collaborate. 

More importantly, your clients also reap a multitude of benefits with easier interactions and more accurate follow-up of their files. 

WorkinWith Expert ServiceNow Service Companies
Optimize your customer service while controlling your operating costs thanks to solutions grouped in one interface: The NowPlatform. The sharing of data, its transparency and the interoperability that ServiceNow Solutions offer, significantly improve your customers' satisfaction and therefore their loyalty!

ServiceNow enables you to exceed your customers' expectations and reduce costs at the same time

ServiceNow simplifies the day-to-day life of all your teams as well as your interactions with your customers and suppliers. 

The Now Platform allows you to set up many solutions that make information accessible in the blink of an eye, automate operations, guarantee processes but also the traceability of your files to lighten the load on your employees, who will be able to spend more time advising your customers. 

ServiceNow experts understand the day-to-day work of your service team

Our experts analyze how your organization works, as well as the tools your employees already master, to offer you ServiceNow solutions that optimize the work of your entire team.

They create consistent processes and systems that improve the customer experience and facilitate collaboration on common issues. 

Know and Control Your Resources

Develop your core asset management skills to oversee on-site infrastructure, operations, and services. Make informed decisions about inventory and contracts.

Facilitate communication with Customers

Your customers need to get information from your employees on a regular basis, and vice versa, the global view offered by ServiceNow facilitates the exchange of information and allows an accurate view of the progress of cases.

Simplify day-to-day asset-related tasks with automation.

Manage all of your physical assets across your organization with a single system of action. Use best-in-class workflows to proactively feed critical data to the business.

Help your teams focus on results

Strategize, define a common line for your teams, and drive business results from a single platform.

Transform your organization

A single platform allows you to have a quick view that significantly optimizes the operation of your organization.

Mitigate risk

Control risk while managing compliance with tools and automation powered by the Now Platform, a single system of action for your organization.

Anticipate your customers' demands

Anticipate your customers' service demands and drive continuous improvement with real-time reporting and dashboards produced by ServiceNow solutions.

Optimize your organization's productivity

Improving visibility and planning while increasing productivity is possible by leveraging ServiceNow. 
Reducing administrative tasks, resolving issues faster, and making follow-up easier are just some of the many benefits of the Now Platform's solutions.