Our team is made up of Experts

The WorkinWith team is made up of experts dedicated to supporting our clients in their digital transformation.
We have chosen to focus our skills on two complementary solutions for our core market.

Thus we provide our services around Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM solutions, as well as ServiceNow, from upstream strategic consulting, through implementation, project management, training and development/configuration, to support and optimization.

But our real expertise, shared by all our consultants, is to advise our clients as close as possible to their needs by having a real knowledge of their businesses !

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrator

Our expertise

Today’s world is a VUCA world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.
Let us explain what that means!

Requirements are becoming more varied, processes need to be continuously optimized, there are fewer professionals due to generational change, and software solutions need to be delivered faster.

In a VUCA world, companies face a wide range of challenges that require them to be adaptable, agile and responsive. Here are some of the key requirements that companies face in a VUCA world:

Globally, in a VUCA world, companies must react quickly and efficiently to change, adapt and innovate continuously to remain competitive.