The Future of Life Sciences Accelerates with ServiceNow

ServiceNow accelerates your innovations to market

The evolution of the Life Sciences market accelerates with the implementation of ServiceNow, ensuring a reliable, secure and controlled process to bring  your innovations to market. 

Because this time-to-market process is lengthy and complex, ServiceNow helps you by connecting teams. This allows for smoother collaboration, improving visibility into project progress, all without compromising security or compliance.

Seamless collaboration, within organizations, but also with providers and patients, is critical to bringing your innovations to market. To evolve as a leader, Life Sciences organizations need to find ways to improve data sharing, transparency, and interoperability. What ServiceNow does!

WorkinWith's ServiceNow Experts Support the Life Sciences Industry

Our experts tackle your operational challenges alongside your teams, to create consistent processes and systems that improve the experience for patients and all employees working on the same project.

Improving the Patient Experience

Patients or consumers need to get critical information about their medications, about their prescriptions, especially if they are involved in a clinical trial.

ServiceNow facilitates the exchange of information and enables an enriching experience for patients in clinical trials.
The NowPlatform helps you every step of the way, from speeding up the onboarding process to creating the POS that keep patients connected and informed throughout their care journey, significantly improving compliance and reporting which is essential since a great clinical trial experience creates loyal customers!

True Cohesion to go faster with ServiceNow

Siloed approaches lead to delays, but also inaccuracies that are often the result of your employees' frustrations.

The NowPlatform integrates with your existing systems, taking into consideration your work processes, allowing you to have a global vision to carry out actions on "the front, middle and back office".

All your employees will have a clear and complete view of all the data they need, as well as the actions in progress.

We also help you intelligently automate manual operations by considering your business processes so that any issues, such as adverse drug events for example, are addressed, tracked and resolved as quickly as possible, ensuring complete transparency.