ServiceNow makes daily life safer and easier for Human Resources

ServiceNow simplifies everyday HR tasks

Enhance the employee experience by making it easy for them to get the information they need in one place.

Reduce costs and cases with AI-powered self-service, while gaining visibility into your workforce's skills to unlock talent and contribute to business growth.

To be more productive and help companies achieve efficiencies, employees need access to intelligent self-service through digital channels that make it easier for them to get answers, make requests and get breakdowns fixed so they can focus on their work.

Servicenow HR SOLUTION

Features for your employees' day-to-day work

Nowplatform brings together the essential applications and options for your Human Resources.

Its applications evolve as your needs change.

They create consistent processes and systems that enhance your employees' experience and facilitate your organization's internal communication.

HR Case & Knowledege

Process employee requests faster for a better service experience.

Employee Center Pro

Ensure everyone's involvement, productivity and access to information.

Agent Workspace

Is a new, updated workspace for HR agents.

Manager Hub

Increases managers' self-service and proactive engagement with their teams.

Employee Journey Management

Offer employees personalized, cross-functional career paths.

Case Management

Improve the quality of these services by enabling HR teams and service centers to do more, more efficiently.

Reservation Management

Simplify reservations with one-click self-service.

Indoor Mapping

Create and manage indoor mapping for employee workplace experiences.

Visitor Management

Welcome guests with a smooth check-in process.

Space Management

Managing space to meet changing workplace needs.

Move Management

Optimize remote working time.

Legal Service Delivery

Providing legal services tailored to your HR needs.

Employee Growth & Development

Empower your employees to take ownership of their career development.

Skills Intelligence

A new technology identifies employee skills to help managers build better teams and boost business success.

Legal Practice App

Leverage industry expertise for rapid configuration and deployment.