WorkinWith Manufacturing

Achieve sustainable growth in your industry with D365 implemented with WorkinWith skills!

Companies face a number of challenges in managing their production and supply chain, including:

Microsoft D365 Integrator Manufacturing
Overall, supply chain management requires companies to be agile, adaptable and able to respond quickly to market changes and other external factors.

Customized solutions for production management

Strengthen your production management by linking systems and data. This enables you to anticipate changes, minimize disruptions, and shorten time-to-market, while using real-time data to improve your relationship with your customers.

Microsoft offers solutions for several business areas:

WorkinWith’s consulting and development team has many years of practical experience in the various fields of production and logistics.

In some cases, the careers of our consultants began in the technical professions, in production planning, or in the study of engineering.

The numerous IT projects we have implemented have enabled us to understand the special requirements of production companies, to compare them with the possibilities of D365, if necessary, and to search the market for suitable complementary partner solutions.

Microsoft D365 Integrator Manufacturing

The result is a delivery framework for the Manufacturing industry that covers the following processes and functional areas:

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