Microsoft D365 Integrator for Engineering

 Company profile

  • More than 1100 highly qualified employees in 6 countries.
  • Full service company for private and public clients.
  • Advises companies from strategic planning to commissioning and management of buildings and infrastructure.
  • Manages projects of various types and durations: from a few weeks to several years in time and material or in fixed price.
Microsoft D365 Integrator for Engineering


  • Simultaneous implementation of 17 legal entities (6 different countries)
  • Several existing IT infrastructures
  • Need to integrate CRM with D365
  • Consolidation of ERP data and implementation
    an effective management control solution
  • Have an efficient operational management solution but also real time reporting tools
  • Provision of a reliable revenue recognition function
  • Reduce the duration of the accounting closing process


  • Dynamics 365 Finance & Project Operations
  • Complete financial management with local chart of accounts and 10 cost accounting dimensions
  • Dematerialization of supplier invoices
  • Analytical overhead allocation process (intra and inter-co)
  • Integration and automatic sending of bank statements and supplier payments with banks (Fides platform)
  • Project management and accounting with complete integration with CRM
  • Time management and expense reports for more than 1200 employees
  • Integration of vehicle routes for charging expenses to the project
  • Human resources management (integration with Abacus payroll)
  • Management of employee time counters
  • Implementation of a data warehouse (reporting)
  • Real-time availability of financial information and project follow-up
  • Accounting closing which has been changed from a quarterly to a monthly frequency
Microsoft D365 Experts


  • Implemented in 12 months
  • Infrastructure ready to support rapid international growth objectives (new markets)
  • Optimized IT costs and security with MS Cloud
  • Cost effectiveness and costs measured across multiple dimensions