A long-term relationship of trust

Optimize and develop the potential of your solutions

Our dedicated team of Dynamics experts is here to help you optimize the use of Dynamics solutions, contribute to their continuous improvement and ensure successful user adoption.


  • Use of a dedicated tool, provided by the customer or WorkinWith, to record and track incidents.
  • Routing of incidents to our dedicated team
  • Analysis of incidents
  • Problem resolution and workarounds
  • Product defect tracking with Microsoft support
  • Problem management in case of recurring incidents


  • Availability and access
  • Tracking of planned processes
  • Deployment issues (patch, new version or specific solution) encountered in similar contexts
  • BI data connectivity
  • Integration tracking
  • Environment management



  • Support on OneVersion updates
  • Critical and security updates and patches
  • Monitoring of best practices for scope and test planning
  • Assistance with test planning



  • Contact with our experts and architects
  • Suggestions for areas of improvement
  • Advice and implementation of minor evolutions
A dedicated support team

The WorkinWith support team assists you!

Our support team is responsible for incident management. We use a dedicated tool, provided by the customer or by WorkinWith, to record and track incidents. Incidents are then routed to our dedicated team for further analysis. We resolve the issues and provide workarounds. We also follow up on product defects with Microsoft support. In the case of recurring incidents, we take care of long-term problem management. In addition to incident management, we also perform preventive monitoring to ensure availability and access, track planned processes, resolve deployment issues (such as patches, new releases, or specific solutions) encountered in similar contexts, monitor BI data connectivity, track integrations, and manage environment upgrades. We also provide assistance with OneVersion updates, critical and security updates and patches, and follow best practices for scope and test planning. We provide assistance with test planning, proactive consulting and contact with our experts and architects, as well as suggestions for areas of improvement and assistance with the implementation of minor changes.

A Support methodology in 4 steps

At WorkinWith, we take a four-step support approach that ensures smooth transitions and stable operations, as well as continuous optimization and improvement.

First, during the transition and stabilization phase, we focus on defining the schedule, exit criteria, documentation and knowledge transfer. We also conduct a transition review to ensure a smooth handover to our support services.

Then, during the operational phase, we set up the support process, validate the escalation and change request processes, define the KPIs and establish the monitoring tools, and validate the Service Level Agreement (SLA). We also establish global governance and shared reporting.

In the optimization phase, we focus on optimizing and automating services, as well as improving skills and sharing knowledge, preventive maintenance and proactive consulting. We also work on improving the user experience.

Value Realization Workshop

The Value Realization workshop is a comprehensive, collaborative process that brings together experts from Microsoft and WorkinWith to help customers fully understand the potential of their investment in the Microsoft ecosystem. Led by experienced professionals, the workshop is designed to help customers identify areas where they can improve their operations, increase efficiency and drive growth.

During the workshop, customers will work closely with Microsoft and WorkinWith experts to assess their current state, define their desired future state, and create a plan to close the gap between the two.

This process helps customers understand how they can use Microsoft products and services to achieve their specific business goals, such as increasing revenue, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

The workshop includes a series of facilitated discussions and exercises that help customers identify areas of improvement and growth opportunities, and create a roadmap to achieve desired results. The outcome of the workshop is an action plan that helps customers prioritize and execute the activities that will deliver the most value, while ensuring that their investment in Microsoft products and services is aligned with their overall business goals.

Finally, during the enhancement phase, we work on the adoption of new features, business process improvements, and focus on high value technologies such as RPA and Power Apps. We also proactively analyze Microsoft Dynamics release notes so that we can provide our clients with impact studies tailored to each context.
The Value Realization workshop also includes a follow-up phase in which Microsoft and WorkinWith experts will help customers implement the action plan and track progress.  Overall, a Value Realization workshop is a valuable opportunity for customers to better understand the potential of the Microsoft ecosystem and create a plan to achieve desired results in a controlled and efficient manner with the help of experts.