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In collaboration with AX for Pharma, powered by To-Increase, we offer comprehensive support to companies operating in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.


These industries face ongoing challenges, from streamlining their supply chains to expediting time-to-market, all while adhering to increasingly intricate compliance regulations.


AX for Pharma's accelerators provides the competitive edge necessary to meet these demands.

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The life sciences industry faces several industry-specific challenges when it comes to implementing an ERP system:

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Overall, while an ERP system can provide significant benefits to a life sciences company, the unique requirements and challenges of this sector must be considered when selecting and implementing an ERP system.

Manage your life sciences and healthcare IT needs with D365 standards implemented with WorkinWith competence!

Starting in 2011, Microsoft adopted several industry solutions into the standard and optimized and enhanced them with the transition to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (SCM). During this process, it became clear to the product designers at Microsoft that there had to be two bases. First, the foundation in SCM to include process-based production and second, to be able to map the entire health-related data administration into the standard.

Process manufacturing is associated with formulas and recipes for manufacturing, as opposed to discrete manufacturing, which uses discrete units and bills of materials. Process manufacturing is used in manufacturing environments where production is done in batches or semi-continuous processes.

Standard functionality is complemented by batch management, batch characteristics, shelf life and delivery strategies for the corresponding warehouses.

Our skills

Strategies specific to the Life Sciences industry

Since 2008, our experts have been developing strategies for the introduction and specialization of IT projects in the Life Sciences and HealthCare industry.

In this context, the implementation of the V-model is of great importance.

When cloud solutions increasingly replaced on-premises installations, a common opinion was that cloud projects in life science companies could not be implemented in a validatable manner.

About 7 years ago, we were able to provide real proof to the contrary with our first D365 ERP cloud project and have since successfully mastered numerous audits by various auditing companies with our customers.

Our proven project methodology forms the basis for effective process mapping and documentation during and after implementation.

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