Microsoft D365 Integrator for Legal

 Compagny Profile

  • A firm created in 1999 which has more than 8,000 employees
  • It has more than 4,800 lawyers and 1,100 partners
  • Established in more than 40 countries and more than 70 offices
Microsoft D365 Integrator


  • Functional constraints on transactional data migration
  • Start-up during fiscal year => Complex flows and large volumes
  • Best of Breed approach – Complex ecosystem – Numerous, complex flows
  • Project within a program => Large number of simultaneous deployments
  • Billing management and invoice adjustment
Microsoft D365 Integrator in Europe


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Project Operations
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Records Management & Accounting
  • General accounting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Fixed assets
  • Fixed-price invoicing
  • Time and materials invoicing
  • Integrations: iManage, CRM, Moodys, Intapp Time, Intapp Intake … …
  • Data migrationTo optimize existing Microsoft Dynamics solutions, our partner has integrated WorkinWith Legal Accelerators, created for the specific needs of law firms.

 Focus WiW Accelerators Legal

WorkinWith Accelerators are a range of case management functions designed to meet the specific needs of law firms in Dynamics 365 Finance.

Developed by our Experts to meet the needs of our law firm customers, they enable more reliable case management and improve the day-to-day work of our teams.

  • Stakeholder management with roles on file and search for potential conflicts of interest
  • Customer and case risk analysis questionnaires
  • Compliance workflow on files with automated file opening processes
  • Data security management: XDS
  • Framework on files
  • Time recording and integration
  • Time visualization and tracking (staff and team)
  • Time entry period status management
  • Rate management and analysis of invoiced (actual) rates
  • Narrative modification and forbidden words management
  • Management of invoice line grouping rules
  • Invoicing cockpit with adjustment management
  • E-billing
Microsoft D365 Experts


  • Replacement of the Elite system with a scalable solution
  • Standardization of the billing workflow process
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Ensure implementation of regulatory changes